About Us

Prompt. Diligent. Done.   More than a slogan  –  Our promise.

Our Staff

Family owned and operated since 1992.

We believe in our responsibility to:

  • Our Customers –
    To serve them in their best interest, with integrity, excellence and expediency, with the goal of earning their trust, while respecting their choices and property.
  • Our Employees –
    To serve them in their best interest, with training, opportunities and recognition, with the goal of helping them achieve their full potential while providing for their families and needs.
  • Our Company –
    To serve as managers of personnel and resources, placing the interests of others above personal ambition, with the goal of fostering a unified serving community.

Pricing Policy:
We strive to provide the highest value to our all customers, while being a responsible business operating at a fair profit. Our pricing is intended to be fair and equitable so that one customer does not have advantage over another due to their negotiating skills, social or economic status. We strive to provide the lowest pricing that reflects both the quality of our services and the responsibility we accept.

Our workmanship is guaranteed for three years. Generators, transfer switches, replacement parts, batteries and other items are warranted by the manufacturer only.

Saturn Electrical Services, Inc.
380 Monaco Drive
Roselle, Illinois 60172
Office – 630-980-0300
Fax – 630-980-0396