Avoid the Dangers of a Winter Power Outage

With temperatures in the single digits and predictions of snow in the weather forecast, owning a generator during the winter season can keep you and your family warm and safe during a winter power outage. If your power goes out, your automatic backup generator will turn on immediately, keeping your lights and heat on during the storm. Here are some other ways you can protect your home with a generator:

  • Ice, snow and freezing rain can often cause hazardous traveling conditions for you as well as emergency responders and utility companies. You could experience a long delay if you call them for help during bad weather. Your generator helps you prepare for emergencies in advance by providing you with power to run necessary appliances to keep your home and family safe and protected before the snow starts.
  • A generator can also help you avoid the risk of frozen pipes, which may occur when the heat goes out. A frozen pipe can cause water damage in your home and lead to costly repairs. It can also cut off your access to running water.
  • A generator eliminates the risks of carbon monoxide poisoning and fires that can occur with kerosene heaters and other items that people use as alternative ways to heat their home.
  • There isn’t a need to worry about spoiled food when you have backup power available. You won’t have to throw out your groceries or worry about becoming ill from spoiled food. Your refrigerator and food will be safe!

Automatic standby generators are an important investment for your home. Avoid the inconvenience and weatherproof your home in advance. Contact us today to find out how a generator can make a difference in keeping you and your family safe during this cold and snowy winter season and beyond.



3 Reasons to Consider Mobile Link for Your Generator


Picture this scenario:

You’re finally leaving for vacation and you’re so excited to finally have a chance to relax. You’re glad to know that you’ll be enjoying the beach by the time the weather turns in a few days. If a big storm hits back home, your generator should switch on, but how can you be sure?

One glance at Mobile Link tells you that your generator is running and protecting your home— even if the power goes out!

What is Mobile Link?

Mobile Link cellular remote monitoring lets you get and share information about your home standby generator no matter where you are, using your computer, smart phone, or mobile device. View your generator’s status and maintenance needs. Set its exercise schedule. Review its running and maintenance history. And get notified of status changes.

Mobile Link’s cellular-based technology offers significant advantages over existing alternatives:

1. Lowest cost of any cellular monitoring solution

During that long business meeting, you can check the stats of your Mobile Link monitor via a free smartphone app! This app tells you that your generator is ready to protect your family at home if the power goes out.

2. Cellular technology provides broad coverage nationwide
Because it sends data via cellular network, Mobile Link is easier to configure and more reliable than the Ethernet and telephone connections found in many competitive remote monitoring solutions. Best of all, the Mobile Link device can be installed in minutes.

3. Cellular network self-configuration eliminates complicated set-up and maintenance
It’s super easy to set up the Mobile Link app on your cell phone or tablet to get specific, accurate data on the status of your generator. Simply select which notifications you wish to receive and how often you would like to receive them. Finally, you can opt to send maintenance alerts to your dealer so they can provide professional support, as needed.

Don’t forget your parents and the elderly!
You can designate up to 4 different accounts to receive email and text notifications, which is a great way to stay in contact with older parents or elderly loved ones.  Contact Saturn Electrical Services to have Mobile Link installed on your generator.