Avoid the Dangers of a Winter Power Outage

With temperatures in the single digits and predictions of snow in the weather forecast, owning a generator during the winter season can keep you and your family warm and safe during a winter power outage. If your power goes out, your automatic backup generator will turn on immediately, keeping your lights and heat on during the storm. Here are some other ways you can protect your home with a generator:

  • Ice, snow and freezing rain can often cause hazardous traveling conditions for you as well as emergency responders and utility companies. You could experience a long delay if you call them for help during bad weather. Your generator helps you prepare for emergencies in advance by providing you with power to run necessary appliances to keep your home and family safe and protected before the snow starts.
  • A generator can also help you avoid the risk of frozen pipes, which may occur when the heat goes out. A frozen pipe can cause water damage in your home and lead to costly repairs. It can also cut off your access to running water.
  • A generator eliminates the risks of carbon monoxide poisoning and fires that can occur with kerosene heaters and other items that people use as alternative ways to heat their home.
  • There isn’t a need to worry about spoiled food when you have backup power available. You won’t have to throw out your groceries or worry about becoming ill from spoiled food. Your refrigerator and food will be safe!

Automatic standby generators are an important investment for your home. Avoid the inconvenience and weatherproof your home in advance. Contact us today to find out how a generator can make a difference in keeping you and your family safe during this cold and snowy winter season and beyond.



Taking the Right Safety Precautions

flooded basement

Unfortunately severe thunderstorms can sometimes cause serious damage to a home. After heavy rainstorms some homeowners experience water damage and may find themselves walking into a flood zone in their basement.

If the power goes out during a flood, your generator can be used to help you avoid water damage. If you own a portable generator, you can use your portable generator during a power outage to power a sump pump to remove water from your basement and home before flooding and water damage occurs. However, to avoid danger, you must use the portable generator correctly and take the proper safety precautions, such as the following:

  • Do not let the generator run indoors or in any enclosed area, even if the room has ventilation. Generators produce harmful and deadly fumes, such as carbon monoxide. Use the generator outdoors, far away from your home and any area where people could possibly inhale the fumes. This is a very important safety measure to follow, and taking any shortcuts for convenience is not recommended.
  • Make sure that your generator is installed properly. With more than 20 years of experience, Saturn Electrical Services technicians are qualified, licensed and reliable electricians who can ensure that your installation is correct and meets local electrical codes.
  • Make sure that your generator is connected correctly to avoid electrical hazards.

Contact us today to ensure that your home and generator have met the safety requirements to protect your home against a flood.