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Our experienced and friendly electricians will meet all your electrical needs and exceed your expectations

At Saturn we respect your time, property, and your decisions. Each member of our staff is trained with customer service in mind to suit all your needs! We take care to respect your home by utilizing drops cloths and shoe covers. This makes sure we leave your home looking exactly the way it was before we were there! Our Saturn service trucks are stocked full for all your electrical services needs, so that we usually only need one visit to fix any issues you are having. Our labor and parts are backed by a solid 2-year warranty to ensure your peace of mind with your repair or installation! 

Electrical Services in Roselle IL

Electric Service upgrades
Circuit breaker panel
Electric Vehicle Charging Station
Wiring for remodeling projects

Roselle Electrical Installations

Recessed lighting and fixtures
Ceiling paddle fans.
Receptacles, switches, and dimmers
Whole-House Surge protectors

Roselle IL Electrical repairs

Correct flickering lights
Tripped circuit breakers, blown fuses
Perform safety inspections
Correct wiring defects and violations

Electrical Services FAQs

To dispatch a journeyman electrician and a stocked service truck during normal working hours (M-F, 7:00 – 4:30), we charge $125 for up to one hour at your home or business. The service call charge includes the time and expenses for travel. If the electrician is at your location for longer than one hour, the hourly rate reduces to $88 per hour (in ¼ hour increments) during the same service visit. In addition, we charge for any materials we provide.

At the time of service, we require payment in full by cash, check or a major credit card. We do not accept debit cards.

We provide Free estimates for large projects such as an electric service upgrade, circuit breaker panel replacement or an installation requiring 8 hours or longer. We do not provide FREE estimates at your home for small electrical repairs or to diagnose an electrical problem. The cost for an electrician and travel expenses to estimate a potential two or three hour job is cost prohibitive. We can usually provide an estimated price range for typical service visits over the telephone. Emailing photos and a complete description of the request will aid us in estimating.

There are several possibilities causing a power outage. We recommend performing a few simples steps to help avoid an unnecessary service call: Reset the main circuit breaker and/or all the individual circuit breakers (to reset a circuit breaker, switch the circuit breaker to the OFF position, then back to the ON position), and verify GFCI receptacles have not tripped (press the TEST button and then press the RESET button, some have a LED indicator light). If power is out to your entire home, ask a neighbor if they are experiencing a power outage or call ComEd. A ComEd Smart meter can help them determine if your home is receiving electric power.

A residential sump pump with a cord and plug, should be connected to a single (not duplex) receptacle and supplied by a dedicated circuit (not shared by other electrical items) and sized for the pump. We recommend two sump pumps installed on two separate dedicated circuits, so if one pump fails and trips the circuit breaker, the second sump pump is available to respond.

It is normal for dimmers to generate some heat during operation and may be warm to the touch. Dimmers can get very hot and fail due to overloading (having the dimmer support more wattage than its rating allows) or using a dimmer to control lights which it is not rated to supply (LED, fluorescent, magnetic ballasts…). We can provide a dimmer to safely control all your lighting needs.

No matter what is needed Saturn Heating Cooling & Electrical gets the job done

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