Furnace Maintenance Inspection + Cleaning

Your heating and cooling system contains many components which can impact the comfort and indoor air quality of your home. It's important to have an HVAC professional inspect your furnace and heating system on a regular basis to ensure it's functioning properly and efficiently. This can help prevent expensive repairs, loss of heat, and minimize contaminants like dust, dirt, pet dander from accumulating and impacting the performance of your HVAC system. 

The expert HVAC team at Saturn Heating Cooling and Electrical will thoroughly check your furnace and heating system with a 16 point maintenance and cleaning inspection, which includes: 

  1. Inspect vent system & air intake grilles, removing any blockages
  2. Clean burners and flame sensor
  3. Inspect heat exchanger for signs of damage or corrosion
  4. Check CO detector for signs of damage or corrosion
  5. Examine, clean, and lubricate blower and inducer fans
  6. Clean humidifier (if applicable)
  7. Inspect electrical wirings and controls
  8. Check the thermostat for proper operation
  9. Check and clean air registers