The top 3 things you need to know when choosing an HVAC Contractor?

When you need any immediate HVAC repairs, the last thing on your mind is what you need to know when choosing the right contractor! The most important thing at that time is getting your forced air system back online. However, without keeping some of these important details in mind when contacting a service provider, you might end up with even more costly repairs and your climate control system being down for even longer. Here is a list of the top 3 things you should ask yourself when choosing your HVAC contractor.

1. Is the HVAC Contractor Licensed and Insured?

One of the most important items to be aware of for your next HVAC Contractor is whether they are licensed and insured! The license ensures that the contractor has enough experience to effectively help you and your situation. Contractor insurance is extremely important as this protects you, the homeowner, from issues arising from an accidental injury or accidental damage to your property during the repair or replacement process.

Top 3 Things to Know When Choosing a HVAC Contractor

2. Does the Contractor provide an In Home Inspection/Quote?

A good HVAC contactor should always visit your home to give an accurate quote for their services! Regardless of the level of service you are requesting, in-home observation is always required to determine the cost of a project. Simple repairs can be given a rough estimate of cost but can never be held as the absolute cost. Large repairs or total replacements always needs to be determined through an inspection of your home.

The reason a good HVAC contractor will not provide an estimate for a large project over the phone is that there are too many unknown variables that determine the cost of a project. These can only be accurately measured when the technician is able to gain access to the home to determine the size/capacity of your home furnace or air conditioning unit. When the contractor finishes their inspection, they should be able to provide a detailed breakdown of the estimate/quote. Not only is this helpful to determine where your money is being spent, it can also be helpful to understand more about what is being replaced/installed!

3. Have you checked their references and read their reviews?

While a contractor might do everything correctly on their first visit, that has little benefit to you compared to a job completed well! As a result of this, it is extremely important to check references and reviews of a contractor. An experienced contractor will be able to provide you with references you can contact and learn about the scope of the project, and how well they were executed! Do not be afraid to learn about even the most minor details from the cost of the project to the timeframe needed to complete it, all the way down to how clean they left the workspace when they were done!

Make sure you check for online reviews as well! Digital reviews are a mixed bag of positive and negative comments; however, you can see how a company reacts to their negative reviews and resolves the problem. If a company is willing to stand behind their product/workmanship, well there is a good chance they are a good company to work with. Using multiple platforms for your review checks such as Google, Better Business Bureau, and Angi creates your best chance of observing input from a variety of customers!

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