When is the Best Time to Begin Furnace Maintenance?

While the weather in the Chicago area may still be a little toasty, autumn is quickly approaching. While this normally means endless pumpkin flavored treats, beautiful autumn trees, and Halloween candy lining the shelves, this also means shorter days, cooler nights and a fall chill that only gets colder. That fall chill means it is only a matter of time before your furnace kicks on for the season to keep your home at a comfortable temperature! Your local furnace maintenance and repair experts in Roselle are here to help! Contact Us today!

What is furnace maintenance?

In a previous blog post, we touched upon some Tips To Keep Your Heat Working Through Winter. Another common question we receive at Saturn Heating and Cooling, is what actually needs to be maintained on my furnace? Our annual furnace maintenance will include services such as:

  • Intake inspection and cleaning
  • Heat exchanger inspection
  • Blower motor testing and cleaning
  • Lubrication of all moving components
  • Fuel Line inspection
  • Air filter replacement
  • Cycling the furnace

Through our refined process of inspection and maintenance, you can be sure that your furnace will be working in peak condition. If a component fails inspection, our furnace repair service is at your disposal to ensure you will stay warm even on the coldest nights!

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What are the benefits of furnace maintenance?

Most heating and air experts will recommend that you have your furnace maintenance done at least once a year! Now that you know what that maintenance actually consists of, there are numerous reasons why this service will benefit you! When your heating system is maintained properly and regularly, your furnace will operate at peak efficiency. Increased furnace efficiency can save you money throughout the year! Not only does increased efficiency save you money through less wasted energy, but also results in your furnace heating your home quicker and maintaining temperature better.

Consistent maintenance also results in your heating system lasting longer with less chance of a sudden breakdown! This helps ensure you don’t wake up with a freezing home and a dead furnace in the middle of the night. Sudden emergency repairs are a cost you would rather not incur, especially when something as simple as yearly maintenance can help prevent these issues.

When should I schedule my furnace maintenance for?

There’s truly no bad time for a yearly maintenance visit, but there is a more preferred timeframe. While winter, spring, or summer maintenance is better than no maintenance at all, the preferred time of year is just before the autumn chill kicks in. Having your yearly furnace maintenance done before the first cool down of the year helps to make sure your furnace does not turn on while suffering from issues! This can exaggerate any issues you are having with your heating system and cause costly damage if not taken care of.

Performing your yearly maintenance before you turn your furnace on also reduces your risk of a winter breakdown! Our preventative maintenance focuses on the items you are likely to have issues with, ensuring your system has the best chance of fighting off that Chicago area winter.

Finally, performing maintenance before the cooldown saves you the most money! Ensuring your furnace performs at peak efficiency from the moment you turn it on helps to ensure you keep as much money in your wallet as possible.

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