When should you replace your furnace instead of repairing the issue?

Furnaces can be very reliable if maintained properly. However, this doesn’t guarantee issues will never show up in normal operation! Even when they are maintained regularly, parts can and will fail at some point. The initial reaction is to repair the issue at hand, but when should you consider replacing the entire unit instead? Saturn Heating, Cooling, and Electrical can help you answer that question!

When should you replace your furnace in Roselle IL 60172

Signs you NEED to replace your furnace

While replacing a furnace can be a costly investment, sometimes there are signs that absolutely cannot be ignored. When these issues arise, it is a much better investment to replace your furnace than to repair it and try to squeeze a little bit more life out of the unit.

Your furnace emits carbon monoxide

Carbon monoxide is very dangerous to you and your family. Any furnace that is emitting this odorless gas should be replaced right away. There are some noticeable signs when doing a regular furnace check that can tell you your furnace is leaking carbon monoxide such as a yellow burner flame instead of blue, soot around the furnace, or rusting on pipes around the furnace. Make sure your home has a working carbon monoxide detector, and do not ignore it if it goes off!

Your furnace was installed over 15 years ago

A furnace that was installed more than 15 years ago usually should be replaced when it needs repairs. Furnace’s usually last between 15-30 years, so if your furnace has hit the 15-year-old mark it has met the normal operating life. An older furnace usually begins to need even more costly repairs in terms of frequency, and parts costs. Finally, an older furnace will not operate nearly as efficiently as a new replacement which can cost you money and cause headaches.

Things to consider when debating repair vs. replacement

Things to consider when debating repair vs. replacement

If your furnace does not develop a carbon monoxide leak and it is a fairly new unit, the debate between repair vs. replace can be a much tougher decision. We have compiled some information for you to consider when you look at your furnace repair quote.

The cost of your repair is more than half the price of a replacement

When our expert Saturn technician delivers the quote for your repair and replacement, it is important to consider a full replacement when the repair is more than half the cost. A unit that is prone to frequent repairs will cost more than a new unit over time in parts and labor alone! Another important item to remember is a newer unit will offer increased efficiency, saving you money in energy costs as well. While the initial investment into a new unit will cost more, the savings over time make it well worthwhile!

Your furnace suffers from decreased efficiency

As a machine your furnace wears out slowly over time. While repairs can keep it functioning, it will begin to lose efficiency in terms of energy usage and heating output overtime. If you notice an increase in your energy bill, or a decrease in heating output it is time to call an expert! Our HVAC expert technicians will diagnose the problem with your furnace. If the problem turns out to be a simple and cheap repair, your old unit can still hold its own for some time! However, if the repairs required turn out to be more extensive a full unit replacement is the wisest option of those available.

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